Why Money Market Liquidity Might be a 2025 Story

JANUARY 2024 Equities benefit when rates fall, and liquidity exits the money market On a calendar year basis, the S&P 500 performed well during years after the end of a Federal Reserve tightening cycle when money market (“MM”) flows were negative by at least 7%. Considering 2023 s …

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History suggests the post-pause rally is just beginning

NOVEMBER 2023 Real rates are restrictive by many measures Real interest rates account for inflation and are often considered restrictive at levels > zero. With the real Fed Funds rate* and yields on inflation protected bonds (TIPS) positive and rising, real rates are indeed restric …

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Simplify your Allocation

September 2023 A single global equity portfolio may be all the exposure you need 30 years ago, equities were a complicated asset class, but today, there is a much wider opportunity set of more complex and illiquid alternatives. In that case, simplifying your equity allocation to a sin …

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Is your Dividend Manager a Value Trap?

DECEMBER 2023 TOO MANY MANAGERS CHASE YIELD OVER GROWTH The S&P 500 closed 2023 up 26.3%, but many dividend managers missed the rally. The average U.S. dividend strategy returned 11.5% (net) over the same period, and strategies with 2.5%+ dividend yields (more than half of the uni …

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